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Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the backbone of the organization whose objective is to lead the PCoA toward desired performance and to help ensure identified goals and outcomes are achieved. They advance policy, mobilize resources, provide administrative and financial oversight, and support the Steering Committee and Roundtable actions. The Board consists of four Officers: President; Vice-President; Secretary/Administration; Treasurer; and up to eight Directors including Communications; and Membership & Recruitment. The inaugural PCoA Board of Directors are:

Myrna Adams     

Peter Howarth   

Ray Applebaum       

Donna Kern   

Sandeep Dhupar           

Pamela Sims                         

Ann Murphy

Steering Committee

The objective of the Steering Committee is to be the conduit of information through two-way communication. They are accountable to the Board of Directors. Two members representing the Board of Directors and each Roundtable meet bi-annually to share Roundtable and Board updates.


The objective of the Roundtables is to share and build alignment and collaboration within the region senior service sector. Membership is open and inclusive to interested community individuals and representatives from stakeholder organizations. The Recruitment Strategy ensures cross-sectoral representation by geography (Mississauga, Brampton, Caledon), diversity (ethno-cultural, LGBTQ+), lived experience (seniors), and organization (community/not-for-profit/for-profit/education/government). Roundtables are formed to support the five PCoA domains.

Housing – Identify and promote next step living options that support and address Peel older adult financial, social, and physical housing needs.

Healthy Aging – Support opportunities for healthy choices that enhance independence and quality of life and connect Peel older adults with services that assist them. 

Safety – Raise awareness of safety issues so Peel older adults can recognize the risks of harm and respond with appropriate actions.

Building Community – Empower Peel older adults to be engaged in their community through civic engagement and volunteerism, social and physical participation, and lifelong learning opportunities. 

Staying Mobile – Establish safe, active transportation through connected communities and promote age-friendly rural and urban transportation options in Peel. 

Five enablers will be incorporated in the conversations at each of the five Roundtables: social inclusion, equity, technology, accessibility, and system navigation.